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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Back to Basics

It has been an incredibly long time since I have sat down to blog.  All I can say is life gets in the way. However, life continues to teach me that unless I'm feeding my passion, I will always continue to feel somewhat unfulfilled.  So, what is my passion?  Writing has always been my writing has served to calm the white noise that most often clouds my thoughts.  So once again, I pick up pen and paper...laptop and tablet... and a glass of wine to connect to my inner soul and find a sense of both purpose and peace. For me, I'm going back to basics!

Since we have gotten that out of the way, with the onset of the New Year, and rush to complete our 2015 resolutions, I figured that this was the ideal time to focus on being true to myself.  And of course, I felt inclined to share this reminder with all of you.  

Often as women, and for my male followers as men too, we get lost in the day to day and life comes at you fast.  It is so easy to become completely immersed in love, families, children, work, and all of daily minutia.  With this complete immersion, we often realize that we are not living our best lives or working towards achieving our passions and dreams.  It's as if so many of us are constantly stuck on 50%, we are only 50% of who we are truly destined to be. With our dial stuck on half of who we are meant to be, we most often feel unfulfilled and go through life on cruise control with little or no excitement.  

Just as I have allowed more than a year pass since my last blog, I'm sure many of you have lost your way and neglected the passionate side of who you are.  While there is honor in being self-less...there is often misery in never listening to your internal soul.  As we cruise into 2015, I am wrestling with life questions like who am I, what will be my legacy, and what is happiness for me?  Of course the answers to my questions have not been answered in this first couple of days of 2015, but I have made a commitment this year to focus on my talents, creating happiness, and living life with full and fervent passion.  I must say that I have already gotten a bit distracted with work challenges and a to-do list that is a mile long.  However, I remain committed to listening to the whispering of my soul over this next year.  I hope that you will join me in a quest to find your own happiness.  I challenge each of you (myself included) to tap into the 50% of you that remains uncultivated and untapped.  

My pilgrimage towards happiness begins with this blog...I hope that each of you will take your first step towards complete fulfillment and contentment.  

Happy New Year to each of you

Love, Peace, & Passion....

---The She-Spot!!

Happy New Year! Live Passionately...

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